Hi, my name is Andrey. I'm a developer specializing in Node.js.

Been doing web development since 2006. Until 2014 solely as a frontend developer; then been out of programming for four years; since 2018 doing full-stack development building primarily my own projects, SPA + REST APIs (Node.js, TypeScript, PostgreSQL, React).

Languages JavaScript/TypeScript (Node.js), SQL, Bash Databases PostgreSQL, Redis Infrastructure Linux, Nginx, Docker Protocols HTTP, WebSocket Frameworks Express.js, React.js; Jest for testing
2006—2008 Freelancer
Front End Developer
2008 Arctic Media Group
Web Designer 2008—2014 Freelancer/Contractor
Front End Developer
2018—present Freelancer
Back End / Full Stack Developer



Web application for broadcasting live audio and chatting. Conceptually, it is similar to Mixlr but on a smaller scale.


Browser-based music library explorer for a home server. Musicbox is a database-centric app. It parses standard ID3v2 tags of your audio files and provides a simple interface to search, sort, and filter your music collection.

Automation Scripts

Bash scripts to automate repetitive tasks

Simple Static Site Generator

Vanilla Node.js static site generator developed for personal website

Biscuit Components

SASS UI components/code snippets library for developing websites based on BEM methodology and a mobile-first approach


I post these notes and articles primarily as a reference for my own self. They are periodically revisited and updated. Writing about some topic, for me, is the best way to digest new knowledge or to brush up on old one.