Hi, my name is Andrey. I'm a programmer specializing in Node.js.

I've been doing web development since the mid 2000s; over the years, I have gradually transitioned from web design to frontend development and then (since 2018) to backend development. Self-taught. For most of my career, I have been working alone, as a contractor.

My current stack (since 2018):

  • Languages: JavaScript/TypeScript (Node.js), SQL, Bash
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, Redis
  • Infrastructure: Linux, Nginx, Docker
  • Protocols: HTTP, WebSocket
  • Frameworks: Express.js, React.js; Jest for testing


Web application for broadcasting live audio and chatting. Conceptually, it is similar to Mixlr but on a smaller scale.


Browser-based music library explorer for a home server. This database-centric app parses standard ID3v2 tags of your audio files and provides a simple interface to search, sort, and filter your music collection.

Automation Scripts

Bash scripts to automate repetitive tasks


Biscuit Components

SASS UI components/code snippets library for developing websites based on BEM methodology and a mobile-first approach
GitHub Biscuit Website

SSSG (Simple Static Site Generator)

Node.js static site generator developed for personal website