Hi, my name is Andrey, I'm a backend web developer specializing in Node.js.

  • JavaScript/TypeScript (Node.js)
  • SQL
  • Shell scripting
  • express.js
  • superagent
  • joi
  • node-postgres
  • webpack
  • react.js (only fundamentals)
  • PostgreSQL
  • Redis
  • Linux (Ubuntu)
  • Nginx
  • Docker
  • mocha
  • chai
  • sinon
  • supertest


To check out some of my old and less noteworthy projects, visit GitHub.



  • 2003 — built my very first web-site
  • 2006 — started working as an independent/freelance front-end developer. Had been doing mostly front-end stuff (CSS, web design, CMS customization) occasionally writing a few lines of PHP and JavaScript
  • 2012 — graduated from Murmansk State Technical University with a degree in management; also had been studying computer science for a year and a half at the same uni
  • 2015 — quit web development due to the accumulated fatigue
  • 2018-present time — do some maintenance work for my old clients' websites, but mainly focused on building my own portfolio projects

Full story

In 2001, when I was 12, my parents bought a computer. At that time at school, we were taught BASIC - although it was fun but not much applicable to real life. Surfing the Internet, I found a book teaching HTML and CSS and built my first website.

Then I got interested in programming and started to learn C++. Should I even mention that I had failed miserably? Afterward, I had spent some time playing around with other languages, messing around the command line, and learning about computer hardware by disassembling and rebuilding the PC again and again.

In 2006 I entered Murmansk State Technical University. Slowly I started building websites for friends and small businesses. Had been doing mostly frontend and CMS-customization sort of things, sometimes delving more into the design and sometimes writing a little bit of PHP and JavaScript and configuring servers. That's what I had been doing for almost 8 years.

Around 2015, due to the accumulated fatigue, I made a decision to quit web development, at least for a few years.

In 2018 I returned to programming, intending to transition solely into backend development. Don't want to spread myself too thin anymore, doing design, frontend, backend, and so on at the same time. Since 2018 I haven't been doing any commercial work — I currently only learn and build new personal projects, honing my skills.